Friday, August 31, 2007



起初,当我念了她在国庆日当天写的部落格,我开始有种感觉,部落格当中的那个“朋友”好像与我的记忆不谋而合。 9.45PM, 当我想真实和她聊天时,我看见她给我的上一封msn,是她的新部落格的网址。


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Winter Effect

OMG! OMG! What happen to me? Is that what we called Winter effect? Damn..... I want to keep fit!!!!:

Evolution of Pkboy in this winter.....

First, when i stepped into Australia land, I look like this:-

After a few weeks, then my face going bigger:-

This image might not provide a good resolution......

Here come a zoomed in photo, be careful, don't get scared....

....... OMG~, After this I really cannot imagine I am just like a blowing balloon. Keep blowing, keep blowing!!!!!!

Keep Blowing.......

Keep Blowing.......

(Feel anything in this photo? I guess most of you will say that I am quite okay, right?)
Keep Blowing......
Arhh....!!!!!! A PIG..
By: 23/08/2007
(Where is my neck?)
but still consider HANDSOME right? What? You don't agree? then F__K off!

Winter Effect, WHY?????