Friday, June 29, 2007

Dunsborough Trip Part (1)

I guess everyone miss me so much, aren't you? Yeah, actually I am quite bc for this few weeks. I need to work for my assignment, study for my final exam, then find my vacation job for this coming December, then looking for my winter holiday job some more. A lot of things waiting for me to settle. Finally, now i can sit down and update my blog. In this chapter, i am going to introduce you guy my 4 days life in Dunsborough as a grape pruner.

Let me start from the Pruning process. Basically there are 3 steps which the manager teach us. Cut, Pull and Wrap. Remember, is Cut, Pull and Wrap. Besides this 3 steps, you still need to know how should your product look like. Your product should has 2 antennas, 2 hands and 1 or 2 armpit hair/s. In case you need to know why, let me tell you in more detail. The 2 antennas is for higher fruits product, the 2 hands is for the main fruit product, moreover the 1 or 2 armpit hair/s is for insure the next generation of the grape tree in case it is dead.

I guess you guys won't want me to tell you more about the pruning process. Okay, let me describe how Dunsborough look like. Basically, it is a small town, with 1 IGA shop and one Cole Shop plus 1 Chicken treat shop. Erm.... 1 petrol station, 1 chinese restaurant, 1 wine bar and of course 1 beach lodge, that is where i stay for this 5 days. (for more detail, please visit to This lodge is near to beach about 100 meters only. In short we can walk to the beach from our lodge.

At the Dunsborough beach, i have met a NZ guy, a dog, and 8 more person, they are Fred, Victo, Edmond, Cathy, Slim, Emily, Ned and Peter. Cool, this 8 guys always together but never see each other one. Guess what are they? They are pillars. Here I show you how they look like.









Can you guys get what I mean from the photos?

Strong wind make the tree look something like this:
Here come few more photo about the beach:

To be Continued...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A trip to mandarin farm

After Final exam, then it is time for 1 month holiday--- NO, is one month plus 1 week plus few days holiday. Me and my few buddy to get a job for this coming holiday. I am thinking to spend my holiday living in a farm as a fruits picker, and now exactly the mandarin orange season. In order to get this type of job, lovely Karen became my target for inquiry.

11.00am- Trip started. With my handsome Gets, we went to petrol station to refill petrol (AusD 30.02). Don't ask me about the 2 cents...

11.30am- We reached Hungry Jack at Cannington for our breakfast. Yes, you guys are right, hamburger. With only this hamburger for our br-unch.

12.00pm- Start calling to Karen asking the exact location of the farm. She gave us 2 choices, one is a persimmon fruit farm, and other is Mandarin farm. 1st of all, we went to the persimmon fruit farm.

12.30pm- We reached. Surprisingly the owner of the farm is a Malaysian from Penang. We try the kiwi fruit (yellow pulp), har? never see this b4? Me too. I am so "sat kai", but it really taste good. We start asking for the job, sadly now is then ending season of persimmon fruit, and they no need picker anymore. Sadly and we start moving to another farm - Mandarin orange farm which is quite far. About 1 hour journey.

2.30pm- ehhh how come now is 2.30pm? Cos we are new to Perth, we don't know the place, of course we get lost lahh. Luckily we got Karen, yes.. Karen again. She call to the farm and ask for the exact address. Cool, with this information given, En Tet as a compass (map reader) with assistant of Chee Siang. We reach the Golden Glove Farm, in front of that farm, there is another farm named 3 chilies farm. Although we get the wrong way many times, but finally we reached the farm. Wahh, this is the place that i want to introduce to you guys. Before we get down from the car, we saw many turkeys under the mandarin tree. We quickly run into the building and we saw a lot of types of orange, lime, mandarin orange and also 3 person inside.... hahah, then we start asking for the job. Wakau.. the mandarin season just started, so they no need so much ppl for picker, sadly there is a young boy there, which came early than us. FXXK U. make us hopeless and jobless again. Then we have a tour to the farm and took few photos.

Mandarin orange tree

Mandarin Orange hanging on the tree

Me picking the Mandarin Orange

Sunshine on the Mandarin orange tree

3.15pm- Ar... En Tet need to work at 5.00pm, and now we are still inside the farm. Run....... nope Drive........ with my driving skills plus the map reader, we reach Perth railway station at

4.30pm- After that i don't know what happen to him ad. He said he is late, but eventually he reach there on time. (I don't care lahhh)

5.00pm- Me and Chee Siang rush for another mission( as a kitchen man). Yes, the manager agree to let us join the training. Wahh.. We are so happy. And finally we reached home. Thinking to sleep, but........

Friday, June 15, 2007

Release from stress = relax = HOLIDAY... Hurray

Hello everyone, long time no see. Finally i had finished my final exam from year 2007 semester1, and my AusD 10,100 life is end. Here come my another semester for AusD 10,100 again. Today, i am going to introduce foods again. Besides that, there are some funny stuff that i would like to share to you guys. This is what i saw during that day, without thinking a second, a took it down so that i can share to you in my blog. Without wasting all your time really my poor English, here comes:

Seafood Tray:-
Crumb Fish Deal:-

Oyster (is not in my lunch list cos it is too expensive):-

My meal:-
Total cost:-
(To Alan TSH, actually i am not using your idea, before you post the photo into your friendster, my friend (ah pau) told me to scan this and put into my blog, so please don't perasan.)

Besides this, i saw something that i feel interesting. Let me show you, this is all about angle, with this different angle, you will find out different action. It is about life, treat everything in different angle, then your life will be better.

yes, a starfish. This starfish trying to show you it's art with “一字马”

This starfish feel lonely, and he is standing there say hello to you..

This starfish is presenting a dance..

This starfish try to show you how strong he is, show off right?

OMG, i am rushing now, continue my blog tonight... see you guys!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007


###1st of all, i would like to sorry to those non-chinese ppl because this post is using chinese. I have long time didn't write chinese, and i have to practice for it..