Friday, February 20, 2009

Many many more FINALLY

1st Finally: Finally I am a Chemical Engineer.

2nd Finally: Finally My convo is passed.

3rd Finally: Finally I have done my IELTS Test, but result still haven't come out yet.

nth Finally: Finally I can enjoy my Summer with tanning my skin under the sun on the naked beach.

Wow, sound cool right? Yah, I went to Naked Beach few weeks ago. No doubt, I was naked there. Guess what, I saw some new things that I never saw before, like naked woman (Old, Young, Pretty, Black and Flowery [if you know what i mean]). Other than woman, I also met those special man. Some of you might heard the story, but some of you might not. I am not going to describe in detail here, approch me if you are interested.

For your concern, I am now a tanned man with no 6 packs in my body, but some ppl told me that I am getting thinner. That is 100% true, from 100kg, now I am 95kg. My target is to get 86kg which mean perfect to me.

Jobless now, but luckily I work part time in a Jester Pie Shop. Pay is good and everything is fine for me. BTW, I get my new Diary from OCBC Bank(from my brother in law "Michael") Haha, my sis get married on last December, unfortunately I don't have the chance to go back, but my parent did visit to my convo last few weeks.

Finally my friends are coming back from their summer holiday, but some of them might go back for good after the convo. There are some un-describable feeling in my though: Are we going to meet again? When is the next time we meet? Where will we meet? Will I have the chance to attend their wedding? I hate this types of feeling, just like how I feel when the A-Level course ended last time. But this time is totally different, we might not going to meet again, maybe online MSN can link us together.

No matter how, dudes... I am going to apply PR in Australia, do give me a visit when you guys free. I am currently at Perth. Do visit me during summer time, so that we can go watch bikini together. Seriously, bikini here is 99% nice, the other 1 % is just they don't have me standing beside them.....