Friday, January 25, 2008

What is nice looking Proton

I don't even know how old Proton is, how their developmets are, but in year 2008, I read a nice looking car from Proton. It is not the matter how special the car is, but I am totally supprised by Proton, it's the latest Proton Saga.

With this basic concept a car, it can be turnpver become:

Even though my dream car is BMW and Merz, but with the improvement that Proton made, I am seriously pround of Malaysia.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello, I am back

It has been long time i didn't update my blog, some of my friend might waititng for my updated news. Anyhow, I am having my summer holiday right now.

Basically I am currently doing my vacation job in LDEO ( Lahad Datu Edible Oil Sdn Bhd). It is a palm oil refinery plant. Before this, I don't have any basic knowledge about palm oil refinery plant, until I step into LDEO, even a small department also play an important role in this company.

In LDEO, there are 5 main department plants: Operation, Laboratory, Biomass plant, Refinery and Kernel Crushing Plant. I feel lucky cos I have the change to join 3 of them which is Laboratory, Biomass and Refinery plant. From here, I have learnt a lot of new stuff that I would never learn inside the books. Of course, from the plant, I also understand most of the theories that I studied before but never understand why. Until now, even a operator of the plant can tell me about this theory.

You will never believe that, one of my supervisor (pretty girl but getting married next Sunday) has the same birthday as me, but she is older than me one year. Both of us sitting inside one room. I was just surprise to know this.

Surprisingly, people born in 30th March has same atitude including never remember people's name, never remember friend's phone number, never remember car plate number, and one more thing, never stress up easily.

I feel that Lahad Datu actually is a very small town, not only that, Lahad Datu life is started at 6am until 7 pm night, after that our life is just only clubbing or tea tarik-ing.

I keep asking myself, will I come back for my causes? I cann't really answer to this right now. I like the living life in Perth, but Malaysia is my home. Anyway, I won't force myself to answer this at this moment, I believe that the answer will come out after I graduated.

Lahad Datu Viva!!!!!!

P/S: BTW, I am going back to Perth on 22th of February. This time, I will enjoy my life in Perth very well..