Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey everyone, long time no see!!!

It has been a period that i never log in to my blog. To all my friends who care about me, I am doing fine here; to those who hate me, sorry for making you guys disappointed, I am still alive here; to those who love me, I love you guys too.

It was a busy weeks for me last 2 weeks, because I was having 2 tests which contribute 33.33% in my final result, research project, Process Synthesis Design assignment, Advanced Process Control and also those stupid briefing about my research project.. Fuck!!!!

Finally, easter break just started, take a deep rest and fight for future...

Hey guys, you will never know what I am join Church this sem, thanks for Jacq who brought me to her church, but I am still Buddihsm. This is a huge group of us join it, they are Ching Yee, Wei Ning, Su_E, Dina and Roger. That's really cool.

On the other hand, I also having some problem, which I found that it is actually a silly problem. Should I tell? or shouldn't I? I just wondering! I just want to get a early sleep tonight so that tomorrow the answer will come to me automatically.

Today actually is my 1st day of holiday, but how come I still sitting here writing my blog? Lame! I need a LIFE!!!!

Bah, go sleep !!!!!