Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Beach?

As everyone know, Australia Summer is ending soon, and I have just fallen in love with all the beaches in Western Australia. There are some photos I have where the beaches I visited recently:



Many People ask me,"Why Beach?" You will know it when you see the following photo.

There are this!



and THIS!!

(Jason Tried to help 44 apply SunScreen)

So, you guys should know why I love beach so much. This is not the main reasons, there are more like:




and THIS!!!!!!

So, dear friend, now you know why I am so desperate about Beaches. Of course there are some activities that we can do in the beach, My sensei would like to:

(It was her second attempt, and she has done a good job.)

(You can find out how desperate she is.)
Me would like to:





Chok xiu would like to act like a beach boy, and Ah Lam..... Haih, still a kid:

(Chok Xiu)

(Ah Lam)

Some other activities like:

(playing with pet.)

(Hunting!! This only happen in Naked Beach.
Please message me for more detail.)

Thank you the following friends who colour my summer beach life in Perth.


(Me and Sensei.)

(Chok Xiu and Ah Lam)

and of course SUE who always go sun tanning with me at the Cott Beach, but I don't have her bikini photo right now, it will be updated soon (only she allow).

Monday, March 9, 2009

What a BAD shift.

Monday, Sunny hot, Suggestion Place: Naked Beach.

Wake up at 6am(Perth): as usual, prepare pie before opening. Suddenly a call from my manager:

M: Hi Jason, is Fiona. How is your day?

J: Good!

M: Everything fine in the shop?

J: Yes!

M: Is that quiet?

J: Not really!


M: Are you miss me?

J: Yes, I miss you so so so much......... Just Kidding.

M: Jason, I will be late to shop, I might not see you today, but will see you in this coming weekend

J: Oh, that's too bad.

M: Alright, anything just give me a call, you can call me anytime when you miss me.

J: Okay! You must be kidding me.

M: No, is true, but not in the midnight, okay.

J: Sure!


My manager actually set me up.

It is a good new say that Fiona is not coming in during my shift.. MANA TAU, after 2 hours ..... When I was concentrate in chatting, my manager went in and said:

M: Hi Jason.

I slowly close the msn chat box'ES' and say: Hi Fiona. (Inside: I tot you say you are not coming so early?)

M: Everything alright?

J: Ya.

Fiona start counting last few days till money and slowly moved her hand to the computer mouse. she remains silent, but I know the main window for msn is closed.

20 minutes later.......

M: Jason, can you help me to check the coffee maker? Is that clean? We must make sure they milk steamer is clean so that no ppl buy dirty coffee to drink.

J: Okay...(Inside: Even they buy dirty coffee, they also never realize. Pointless)

M: Sometime the frozen pies should be filled up so that customer can get what they want.

J: Okay! (Inside: OMG! OMG! I am in big trouble now, she actually ask me to do this and that, this time I surely die just because the msn.

Fiona remains silent and continue counting the money.

I am like: OMG, my good impression is totally broken. Next time, I should close the back door, so that I got enough time to close the msn before Fiona step in, but the problem is, will there be any msn in that computer in the future?

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Japanese Class

Fresh Graduate, Jobless, Pie maker. Life is full of challenge, my new challenge for this month is Japanese. My teacher: カトリナ先生, some of you might not know her, she is a 24 year old girl, the cheapest japanese beginner tutor in Perth. According to her, she has 100% good feedback from her students, (we belongs to 1st batch students, we consist of 4 people). Maybe each of us contribute 25% to her feedback.

Sorry 先生, I didn't mean to break your signboard, but this is the truth.

Friends, anyone of you want to learn japanese? You can contact me through my phone number: 0433903055, the venue will be at my place. Learning in a group is advisable. What are you waiting for? Call now!!

Bonus: This is how my 先生 look like when she get drunk.. hahaha

Cute? BTW, she is not Japanese.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jason Vs Ah Pang

I am sick of people calling me Ah Pang in Uni, why can't you guys just call me Jason, isn't that more wonderful? Yah, I know Ah Pang is my surname, and most of my IS mate call me like that, but they are on my age, so I allow them to call me like that, so treat it reasonable. But some of you (1988), don't you feel weird calling me "Ah Pang"? I feel extreamily weird when I heard this word. BTW, STOP calling me "Pang Pang" my honey not even call me like that, except you want to help me give birth.

Alright, for those who call me "Jason", just call me like b4, for those younger than 1985, PLEASE call me Jason, I will really really appreciate it, Thanks

A picture that most of you waiting for!!

I know this is the picture that everyone looking for, some ppl say that I had slim down, some say I still look the same. Why don't you judge it by yourself.

I know this lady is pretty, but she is definitely not my girl friend. Don't we look alike? Yes, she is my sister. Gentleman, you are too late to know her, she was married last December. Her husband, My brother in law is definitely a real gentleman. Here I would like to congratulate Michael, "Well Done!!"

Here come another Bonus. This photo I want to show to Tho Soon Kiang, My impossible mission is achievable, now I am back to 2 digits again.. hahaha. Give me few more months, I will become 2 digit with starting number 8.

Here I would like to thanks to my lovely housemate, Ping(Pink). A gentleman with lady mind. Thanks for being with me for these 2 years, we shared, we gossiped, we judge, we chiack each other with understanding each other. Btw, any girl interested in him? Just let me know. He is a pharmacy, planing to get a Honda Accord in 3 months time and with a bangalo in Canning Vale. Bonus: His birthday is............ 22 July, single. Feel free just give him a hi, maybe you are the next.

Finally, I don't think this is a good picture, but this is what I was waiting for the 4 years hard time, with all the reactors, distillation column, pump and heat exchanger. At the end ,I become a Chemical Engineer with "Honours".