Wednesday, September 26, 2007

KFC, I am quit !!

KFC, a nice place to held a party for those secondary school student. I had been working in KFC about few weeks( less than 5 shifts), then i decide to quit finally. Why? The job is really tiring, but the pay is quite attractive, 16 dollar per hour. Still remember the 1st day i worked there, the assistant manager (Robert,21), who is a crazy and moody guy. Sometime he treats you good, but sometime he treats you like invisible, but this all fine for me. My tutor, can't even remember their name. They are brothers, one of them still know some mandarin, so sometime we communicated in mandarin. They are dota lover as well. Jezz, a pretty girl and nice person. Brian, the person that i hate the most in the kitchen, everything also pass to me and never teach me. Lastly, my manager, Mark. The 1st time i meet Mark was my 4th shift which is my last shift also...

When i start working on 5pm, I said hi to Mark, and he welcomed me very much. When i end at 1o.30pm, then i told him the bad news("Mark, I got a bad news for you, I am going to quit"). Surprisingly he was not surprise on that. just ask for reason and wish me good luck. I do like this job, cos it was quite challenging.

Before I left the store, one of the brothers asked me don't quit, I feel warmed. We had worked for about 2 shifts only, and he ask me don't quit. Thanks... and i have no choice, i have to quit so that i won't running out of energy every night. After every shift on KFC, my body just like a phone with 5% batteries. Sorry brothers!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wii Make Our Family Life Changed!

Never think that our 4 family members can be so sweet until like this:-

Just because of this:-

Because of this, both of my hand almost cacat, Tennis, Baseball, even Bowling. Now still got more games coming up.. Damn...I am proud to become a member of unit 6, 25-27 Lawson Street member. Cool........